Real Property Tax Information

Statements Of Assessment Procedure

One of our primary practice activities is the filing of New York City “Tax Commission Applications for Correction of Tentative Assessed Valuation”. Everyone who practices before the Tax Commission must be aware of the practices and procedures governing the setting of tentative assessed valuations by the assessing staff at the Department of Finance. Following you will find two of the department’s “Statements of Assessment Procedure” which determine how the Department of Finance’s staff are to deal with various issues that department staff are confronted with each year.

Instructions to Assessors

The department has not posted “Instructions to Assessors” on their web site in a number of years. The copy that is contained on this web site is useful in informing taxpayers how the Department of Finance sets tentative assessed valuations when taxpayers fail to file required Department of Finance “Income and Expense Statements” (Forms RPIE). See page two of this document.

Important Dates

This material should provide guidance with respect to the assessment in New York City. Taxpayers should be aware of the various filing deadlines that involve both the assessment of real property in New York City and their responsibilities with respect to payment of their real property taxes as well as the consequences of non-payment, for example, the annual sale of real property related liens.

Tax Rates

This table is provided if you need to know the class specific real property tax rates that were used in calculating prior year real property tax bills.